Kitten Made Her Smile Again after Depressed Dog Lost Her Puppies

When Irma the Corgi became pregnant, she was the happiest dog in the world. Her owner, Johanna, would often find Irma in high spirits as she prepared to be a doting mama. But as fate would have it, Irma developed complications in her pregnancy and all her 7 puppies passed away after an emergency C-section.

After this unfortunate incident, Irma was a different dog. Johanna noticed that Irma was depressed all the time. She barely ate, and would just resign herself to a corner and sob softly. The poor dog couldn’t get over the fact that her motherhood was stolen away from her.

In this dark time, Irma found solace in an unlikely creature – a tiny kitten that had the same brown-and-white fur as her puppies! Johanna had brought the 2-week-old kitten home hoping that he would cheer up Irma. But she had no idea that the tiny feline would change Irma’s life!

While the grieving dog was initially skeptical about having a kitten around, the kitten’s earnest love and persistent cuddling eventually melted her heart. She soon adopted the little one and started raising her like her own. Today, the pair is inseparable and will do anything to make each other smile. What a heart-touching story!

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