Kind Mother Corgi Cares For Rescued Pit Bulls As If They Were Her Own

Sara was pregnant when she was rescued from a puppy farm that called her a “bad mom”. But the rescuers proved this wrong when Sara gave birth to her puppies and lovingly took care of them. When No Dog Left Behind Minnesota rescues four abandoned puppies, Sara takes on the role of their mother and accepts them as part of her extended family. No Dog Left Behind, an animal shelter in Minnesota, rescued a pregnant dog named Sara after she was abandoned by a puppy farm, calling her a “bad mom”.

However, after Sarah gave birth to puppy litter, the rescue team realized that she was actually a loving and compassionate mother. “She was a great mom from the beginning,” volunteer Stephanie Easley told Dodo. “She always loves and watches over puppies. She allows and even puts her puppies in the hands of her foster family and checks on them when they are returned to the pool. “Recently, when a litter of puppies was discovered abandoned, rescuers picked them up to give them the best care they deserve.”

They tried to bottle-feed them but they were fragile and the rescuers worried, that’s when they thought maybe Sara could help them.

“The rescue director has the experience and knowledge to try to mix the two litters together,” says Stephanie. “Due to Sara’s maternal instincts, the director felt she would be a great choice.”

So they mixed the 4 puppies with Sara’s litter in the hope that she would take care of them too. They don’t know how Sara will react but as soon as she meets the new arrivals, they know everything will be fine.

“She took on all of her mother’s responsibilities,” says Stéphanie.

Sara takes care of the puppies as if they were her own. And her original puppies have accepted their new siblings, too. And they became a pretty good family.

“Two litters of puppies act as one… which is really weird given the age and differences in development,” says Stephanie. “Corgis are even more gentle with their orphaned siblings. They slept together in a giant pile.”

Unfortunately, one of four puppies was too weak and failed. But thanks to Sara, the other three did a great job with her care. Rescuers still don’t know their breed, but they think they’re bulls.

“They keep gaining weight and moving,” Stephanie said. “They are becoming puppy-like every day!”

Thanks to Sarah’s great heart, she now has a large family and soon they will grow up and find their eternal home.

“No Dog Left Behind Minnesota wants to share their gratitude to the foster families of both litters,” says Stephanie. “They have completely uprooted their lives to take care of all the dogs involved and work together to continue the care!”