Funny Husky try to stop dad everytime he tries to go to work.

Mila the Husky cannot imagine a life without her dad. However, the sweet dog gets lonely and feels heartbroken every day when Dad has to leave for work. These days, she has learned to come up with the most stubborn tactics to stop Dad from going to work!

In this video, we see Mila’s temper tantrum as she desperately tries to block Dad at the doorway. The moment Dad tells her that he’s off to work, Mila runs to the door at lightning speed. She squeals and howls in frustration as she commands him to retract his steps!

Dad reasons with Mila and tells her that he’ll miss her too and will be back soon. But Mila is a smart girl who knows that Dad will be gone for hours. She absolutely refuses to budge from the door, even stretching her paws out hilariously to make sure she leaves no space for Dad to exit!

As Mila vigorously shakes her head and barks in anger, the poor dad is forced to concede to her demands. He submissively assures her that he will stay back and play with her. Mila triumphantly barks back, reminding Dad that he never had another option! We wonder if Dad ever managed to get to work that day!

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