Husky and child are best friends, to cute

Dogs and babies make the best of friends, and how they interact with each other is the cutest thing. They both share a genuine curiosity and playfulness, and that makes them the most perfectly compatible companions! They make memories that last a lifetime, especially when captured on video like the one below.

When Dad started recording this, there was no way to tell it would end up being so precious. The baby crawls up to the Husky to say hello and reaches out to pet the dog. When the baby makes contact, the dog reacts in adorable fashion.

Adult humans hold grudges. Can be in a mood or be angry. Not kids. They are so adorable and forgiving and it melts my heart so much. Love is so true between kids and dogs. Hope this makes you all smile! Love you all!

The friendly and playful Husky flips onto his back and begins kissing his human sibling. This takes the baby by surprise, and his face just about says it all! Dad can’t help but laugh at the beautiful and silly moment. You can see the foundation being laid for a lifelong friendship that’ll only grow stronger with time.

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