Horse That Was Shot With Hundreds Of Paintballs Got Rescued In Time

We’re all animal lovers here, so I’m sure you all know how to care for animals. Also, I think many people are fighting for human rights. I’m sure there will be people fighting for human rights because we need the love and protection of everyone who wants to harm animals. On the other hand, it’s crazy to think about how cruel people can be so that none of us can believe it.

They don’t care if it hurts or not, they are only interested in profiting from these animals. We are really sorry. To make matters worse, it is currently impossible to convince people that cruelty to animals cannot be justified, and they like to think so. This explanation just comes to mind when you see the same words as in the video below.

The one-eyed horse, Lily, was found at a horse auction in New Holland, Lancaster County. It was believed she was doomed to be killed. She was fragile, her mane was intertwined, and she was covered in paint. paint, you ask? Yes, Lily was shot over 100 times with a paintball gun, and she was thrown.

A quick note: according to, a typical paintball gun fires at around 200 mph.

Okay, back to history. When Omega Horse Rescue’s Kelly Smith found Lily, Lily’s head was extremely depressed, she was drooping down, her one eye was swollen, and she couldn’t see with the other. Lily was first transported to the New Bolton Veterinary Clinic and then to the nearest center for her rehabilitation.

We are so glad Lily is feeling better now and she’s doing well. She deserves her wonderful life after all she’s been through. She is an amazing mare and I want her to be the best.

Watch the video below and share your love for Lily.