Horse That Has Been Locked In A Stable For Years Takes Its First Steps Outside

What are the main responsibilities of each owner who purchases or adopts a horse? This is to take care of him in the best possible way. If you decide to purchase and care for it, you must provide the horse with the best possible living conditions. Horses give us so much love and opportunity that almost every horse owner agrees that one of the best decisions in life is to buy a horse. I have to agree with them. Horses makes us feel like no other animal or human. They deserve all our love and attention for this.

This is why I feel very bad when I see horses in very difficult situations, especially those that arise as a result of abuse by people who do not care for animals at all. Unfortunately, there are many people who treat animals very badly, and this is a global problem. I am even more concerned that most countries are doing nothing to prevent this. On the other hand, I am happy to see people and organizations making remarkable progress in animal welfare by rescuing many animals such as the horses in the video below.

Monty’s horse was found locked in a stable and his savior did not know what to expect of him. He was imprisoned for a very long time and his only friends were the flies that flew around. Travis Underwood found Monty in a dirty kiosk that appears to have been in for several years.

Poor horse was terrified and did not understand what was happening. Because for the past few years his owner has only thrown hay and water at him. Monty was bitten by flies and was denied hoof care, veterinary care and grooming. Fortunately, Underwood rescued him and took him to his hiding place. It took Monty a long time to recover and start trusting people again, but thanks to Underwood, everything was possible.

Please watch the video below and share your love for Monty.