Horse And Dog Meet After 7 Months Apart

History proves that horses and dogs have a very special relationship and are very enjoyable each time they are together. They are very attached to each other and when viewed together we become even more in love with them. There are many great videos that have become sensational hits on various social media by introducing the great friendship between horses and dogs.

Today we introduce one of the best videos on the internet. This represents the emotional moment when a horse and a dog reunite after a seven-month divorce. Prove once again the beautiful friendships and incredible bonds that these two adorable animals have.

One day, a beautiful horse named Rita escapes from the barn, and the man who finds her refuses to bring Rita home. Her owner did everything with his power to bring Rita back to his home, but Rita was able to return to her old home after the proceedings and seven months later. Her very special friend was waiting for her there. Her long-time best friend Baru, a beautiful dog, was so excited that she was happy to see Rita again.


They were seven months apart, but they didn’t forget each other because their friendship was based on pure love and respect. Humans may not be able to speak, but can learn a lot from these beautiful creatures that can only express their affection in body language. Enjoy the video!