Homeless Dog saves 5 Kittens Dumped in The Snow, He Keeps Them Warm all Night

The life of a homeless dog is certainly difficult and with various wars.
But this Canadian street dog named Serenty told us that he has a big heart and the meaning of compassion when he decided to save the lives of 5 newborn kittens that had been abandoned on a cold night.

Locals in Ontario were surprised to find that Serenity had wrapped fragile kittens to keep them alive and warm during the snowy night.
Locals immediately contacted Pet and Wildlife Rescue to save the family and receive proper treatment.
And in the shelter, Serenity made sure the kittens were always safe and protected.

The kittens suffered from fleas and worm infections, but otherwise they were in good health. Thanks to the care of Serenity’s “mother”, they will now receive the happy life they deserve.
The kittens are now placed in the care of a family while Serenity has been placed for adoption. All the animal lovers are greeting Serenity for her selfless act and many of them have already fallen in love with her to adopt her.

Click on the video below and see this brave girl who received many thanks for her selfless act.

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