Heroic Husky Was The Only One Who Noticed The Infant Left Alone In The Park And Saved His Life

A heroic dog saved the life of a newborn after a mother probably left her baby in a park in England. Surprisingly, no one noticed the baby until the clever dog found it!

64-year-old retired engineer Terry Walsh took his dog Hel for a walk to one of their favorite spots in Birmingham, Kings Norton Park. However, while they were walking carelessly, Husky noticed something and immediately began to behave abnormally. It turns out to be a two-hour-old baby wrapped in a blanket. Fortunately, the dog’s persistence saved the baby’s life.

“When we walked to the top of The Mounds, looking towards Shannon Road, there was a blanket rolled up right under the bushes,” the dog’s owner told Birmingham Live. “She walked over to the blanket, lay down next to it, and started pushing it very gently with her nose.”

Walsh was shocked when he heard a noise identical to a baby’s cry coming from under the blanket. So he hurriedly started investigating. “Suddenly I heard this baby crying,” he said. “I think it was Hel’s push and husky’s body warmth that woke the baby up.”

Thankful that the child was still alive, Walsh called the police, who immediately arrived at the scene and took the infant straight to the hospital. According to police, he was in very good condition, but unfortunately his mother was nowhere to be found. The child was discovered a few days before St. George’s Day and was named “George”.

West Midlands Police Department said on Facebook: “Baby George is in good health and is doing well. “Unfortunately we haven’t found his mother yet. We are very worried for her and want to check that she is okay, both physically and mentally.

Hopefully baby George and his mom will reunite soon!