Heroic Husky, The Only Hero Who Finds And Saves A Newborn Baby Left Alone In The Park

A heroic dog allegedly abandoned by its mother in a British park saved the life of a newborn. Surprisingly, no one noticed the baby until the smart dog did!
64-year-old retired engineer Terry Walsh took his dog Hel for a walk to her favorite spot in Birmingham’s King’s Norton Park. However, as they walked casually, Husky noticed something and immediately began to behave abnormally. It turns out that the two-hour-old baby is wrapped in a blanket. Fortunately, the dog’s persistence saved the little girl’s life.
“We walked to the top of the Mounds and looked down on Shannon Road,” said dog owner Birmingham Live. “There was a rolled up blanket under the bushes. She went over to the blanket next to her and started poking her nose very gently.”
Walsh is shocked by the sound of a baby crying in the duvet. Therefore, he hurried to reconnaissance. “Suddenly I heard this baby crying,” he said. “Hell’s gentle touch and Husky’s warm body seemed to wake the baby up.”
Gratitude that the child was still alive, Walsh called the police, who immediately arrived at the scene and took the child straight to the hospital. According to police, he was in very good condition, but unfortunately his mother was nowhere to be found. The child was discovered a few days before St. George’s Day and was named George.
“Little George is in good health and is doing well,” West Midlands Police wrote on Facebook. “But unfortunately we still haven’t found his mother. We are very concerned about her and want to make sure that everything about her is ok with her, both physically and mentally.”
Hopefully little George and his mom will be reunited soon!