Heroic Horse Runs Back Into The Fire To Save His Family

Just like humans, animals overprotect their families. But it’s hard to believe how this black Stallion reacts in a desperate situation.

Last month, several devastating wildfires destroyed thousands of acres in California. There was complete chaos as many of the animals ran away for their lives. Among them are several horses. Soon dozens of caregivers came to help the animals in the affected area.

At one point, witnesses did not believe their eyes when one of the already rescued horses jumped back into the fire to take the trapped female and young foul to a safer location. Dramatic scenes were captured on camera.

While the fire consumed everything in its path, fortunately all the horses were rescued and brought to safety, except for one, a 28-year-old Mayer. Unfortunately, she had to be put down because she broke both her front legs while running.

Watch the thrilling moment here: