Hero Dog Rescuing An Injured “Friend” Stuck On A Railway Track

This scary dog, who was cold and injured and trapped on the railroad tracks for two days, is in trouble. But thanks to her beloved companion who faithfully protected her until her help came, Lucy overcame a terrible test. He was injured and unable to get off the Ukrainian railroad tracks, but his friend Panda crouched next to him and bowed down as the train approached to save him. When the inhabitants of Uzhgorod get too close, the pandas bark and scare them.


The couple was discovered by Dennis Malafeev, who shared a heartwarming video of a dog dodging a passing train. Even after they were rescued, they were flocking to the trunk of the car on their way to the vet. Malafeev said it was not clear if he was injured after crossing the train. He added: “This is a moving story. A friend called me
and said that two dogs were lying on the railroad tracks near the village of Tsegrovka for two days.

When we arrived, one of the dogs. It turns out that the female was injured and stuck. But the man protected him from us. I felt sick when I saw the train pulled up. Tom Cat heard the carriage approaching, approached the dog, and lay down next to the dog.

The two pushed their heads against the ground and let the carriage pass. “The man did this for two days in a row. Think about it. It keeps him warm. I don’t know what to call instinct, love, friendship, loyalty, etc. One thing I do know for sure is that not everyone does the same thing. Only to reduce stress,dogs are safe and healthy. You have medical help, “he said. Lucy had no fractures, but had a terrible bruise. The dog owner was found and the couple returned to them.