Hero Dog Found Abandoned Kittens And Becomes the Prefect Foster Dad

In the streets of Greece we know that they are full of ancient architecture and very old buildings.
He also masterfully has a large number of stray animals roaming the same streets.
One of the biggest issues facing animal rescuers in Greece is that of abandoned kittens in the mountains and uninhabited streets.

They are very endangered by wild animals until they are rescued, so is the story below. The Aragonese dog made a discovery of lost kittens.
The Aragonese rescue dog was walking with SCARS volunteers, he started leading the rescuers to a mysterious box. When rescuers opened the box, they saw some abandoned kittens.

After the kittens were taken for a check-up and then Aragon decided to become their father, and continued to play with them.
This shows everyone that dogs and cats can be real and good friends.
The kittens are ready for their forever homes
We are very happy and our hearts melted when watched the tender act of love between dog and kittens in this video:

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