Herd Of Horses Say Goodbye To Their Friend One Last Time

In some circumstances, there is no difference between humans and animals. Like us, they make friends, fall in love, spend time together and do anything for those they love. In the video below, you can see a herd of horses as they say their final goodbyes to a poor mare who was born with crooked legs.

She suffered from arthritis and her condition worsened over time. Her owner told she started to¬† suffer a lot very quickly and she couldn’t stand another winter, so at 18 she decided to put her to sleep before her winter came.

In (nearly 18) she died in winter of severe arthritis. In the cold weather, she was so sick that she could not even move. She enjoyed last summer and went through her final days in early fall as painlessly as she could.

They decided to send her to the fields, and soon after her death they thought it would be better for the crowd to say their final goodbyes to their beloved friends and to realize that she was no longer with them.

Mare was the herd leader, so I can only imagine how hard this moment must have been for all of her horses, especially her daughter, who spent a lot of time mourning her mother for her simply being devastated. Meet the moving moment in the video below!