Guilty Dog Asks For Dad’s Forgiveness In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Looking sadly at his human, Ettore is a dog who knows he’s done something wrong and wants to make amends. So when his dad Anthony Federica Granai looks at him and asks “Are you asking me to forgive you?” Ettore responds by climbing onto his lap. The guilty dog gently leans his head onto his shoulder, begging for forgiveness.

So, when Anthony starts asking for an explanation, Ettore goes into total begging mode, climbs into Anthony is lap and buries his head in Anthony’s chest. Couple that with the worried look on his face, Ettore totally won us over with his plea for forgiveness.

“Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand,” says Anthony, even as Ettore continues to sink his head in dad’s chest. “You are wrong, Ettore. Ettore, you are wrong.

Do you understand where you made the mistake? Do you understand?”

Even as Anthony repeats “No, it doesn’t work like that….Do you understand you made a mistake. No it’s not going to work.” Ettore insists on his dad accepting his apology and goes on a charm offensive! And after such a display of love and affection, Anthony gives in and hugs his dog saying “Okay. We make peace.” Cuteness overload!


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