Groomer Make a Mistake, He left dog bald After Shaving his Fur

When Florida’s Carley Coca dropped off her Samoyed dog, Nanuk, at the groomer’s, she specifically asked for a “trim” of his upper coat. But the 28-year-old was horrified to find her 7-year-old dog completely bald after the grooming session. The naturally fluffy Nanuk was totally unrecognizable and he now closely resembled a British Bull Terrier!

Carley’s screamed “That’s not my dog!” when she first saw Nanuk after the full-body shave. She questioned the groomer’s actions and realized that there had been a miscommunication. Apparently, the groomer misunderstood Carley’s instructions which prompted him to proceed with the catastrophic haircut.

After recovering from the initial shock, Carley decided to go easy on the groomer and let the issue slide. However, she believes that groomers should be careful while working on Siberian breeds as their fur acts like a natural protective coat against the harsh weather. Carley changed groomers after this incident and is now very particular about trimming instructions.

Nanuk had to wear sunscreen and protective clothing during the initial few months when he was totally furless. Thankfully, his fur has started to grow back and he will reach his furry Samoyed glory in no time. What a relief! Let’s spread the word about being mindful while using groomers’ services.

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