Great Dane Feels Cheated After Tiny Chihuahua Refuses to Share Treat

Everyone who has grown up with siblings knows how annoying it is when you finish your sweets just to find your siblings still have theirs. Miles Chihuahua and Diesel Dane the Great are two brothers and sisters of the dog, who always end up having a funny quarrel whenever it’s time for treats.

In video, we see Diesel’s adorable fit after he realizes that Miles is still holding on to his treat while he finished his! Mom has just distributed treats to her dogs during snack time. While the large-sized Diesel gobbles up his treat in one go, Miles is seen guarding his treat under his paws. When Diesel is done, his heart sinks as Miles proudly shows-off that he still has his treat!

For now the poor Diesel feel completely deceived. He calls for Miles’ tricks and complains to Mom, while Miles just rests in bed with a triumphant smile. But mom is greedy. She calmly justifies that Diesel has already had his share. Poor Diesel! He feels completely corner and runs around the room throwing in a weird fit!

After all, Diesel’s heartfelt anger and melted anger is coldly ignored by both Mom and Miles. Although it may seem that Miles and Diesel no longer face each other, in fact, they are both inseparable sisters who always protect each other. No wonder their sister banner is so much fun to watch!


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