Good Boy choose Old dog at Shelter because His Family was Moving Away and didn’t want to take him Along

Shey’s life as a miniature 14-year-old Poodle took a turn for the worse when his family decided they didn’t want him anymore. The dog was heartbroken when he suddenly found himself in a lonely corner in the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

Old age hadn’t been very kind to Shey, and left him with multiple health issues. He was toothless, deaf and going blind too. The shelter knew that this senior boy had no chance of getting adopted, so they just tried to make him feel comfortable in the shelter. But all of this changed when a young boy named Tristan walked into the shelter.

Tristan wanted to adopt a dog, and everyone expected him to pick a cute puppy. But instead, Tristan’s eyes went straight to the “wise-looking” Shey. He instantly decided to adopt him! The shelter warned him of Shey’s age and his many health issues, but Tristan didn’t care. In fact, Tristan took out his notepad and started jotting down Shey’s care requirements as a special needs dog!

The shelter was amazed to meet a boy like Tristan, who was mature way beyond his years. Today, Shey and Tristan are the perfect cuddle buddies and best friends. The kind boy is always mindful of Shey’s needs, and makes sure that he spends his twilight years in love and comfort. What a kind and inspiring kid!


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