Golden Retriever Spending Quality Time With His 100 Year Old Grandma

To make someone happy sometimes we just need to make a visit with the dog, especially with a Golden Retriever.
A video was posted on the Internet when a Golden Retriever visited an elderly woman and the scenery was so beautiful that everyone’s attention was drawn to the hundreds of thousands of views.

The dog named Chicho is only 5 months old and his human grandmother is 100 years old, his visit gives him a special joy that only dogs can bring to older people but to all ages.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of American dogs that are often used in hospitals for therapy and search for salvation.

At his soft age of 5 months he shows his qualities that simply stem from his heart. He allows his grandmother to blow his wool and watch him all the time. At one point the sweet grandmother smiles and she is proud of the visit they made and every moment dedicated to her.

Words are redundant, better watch the video below and see Grandma’s happiness.

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