Golden Retriever Gets Confused When She Gives Birth to Four Baby Cows

Rosie the rescue dog entered the animal shelter of the county in a very pregnant state. Knowing she was so far, the good people at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue introduced her and found her a nursing home to help. Few realized that when Rosie was born, the result would be four cows for children.

Karen and John Black, who have fed 20 dogs so far, were very excited to welcome babies into the world. When Rosie was finally born, her puppies did not resemble their mothers. The fate of the four looked like a cow for children!
When the photo was posted on Reddit, the Internet exploded. No doubt people were confused, but so was Rosie. You can see it by the look on her face she is a little confused about her newborn.

Perfect names were given to the offspring: Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy and Moo. Rosie and her boys all took loving home, forever. We’re not becoming “funny” funny, we’re not “milking” her, but that’s very cute, don’t you agree?


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