Golden Puppy Friends Holding Each Other’s Paws During Playtime

Billie is an adorable four-month-old Golden Retriever who resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her mom, Emily Buchenberger.

Like most other puppies, Billie is very playful and enjoys making new friends, both human and dog.

So, when Buchenberger brought her to doggy daycare for puppy play hour, it wasn’t a surprise to her that Billie had a blast with other pups there.

But what she didn’t expect was how quickly she formed a bond with two other Golden Retriever puppies. Despite there being 15 other puppies there, the Goldens stuck together.

While the other dogs were running around and playing, Billie and her Golden friends laid underneath a plastic tunnel in secrecy. Then one of the staff members lifted up the tunnel to reveal the three puppy friends lying down holding each other’s paws.

It’s obvious that these puppies love each other and have formed very special, loving friendships!

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