German Shepherd Mother Is Fascinated By Her Puppies

A mother’s love is a concept that is almost impossible to describe in words. It is a feeling that can only be felt deep inside. It makes a woman delight to look at her own child, and experiences complex emotional surprises at the creature she holds beneath her heart. She felt every movement and stirring within herself, another life within herself, and joy and happiness with him.

The unbearable pain of birth did not dull her feelings, but intensify them. She was helped by the desire to meet the long-awaited baby as soon as possible. The first mother’s kiss, the first smile, the first tears – all this will remain until the end of her life.

Don’t you think we’re talking about a human mother? Well, not necessarily. As you can see from the video, animal mothers display a variety of surprisingly human emotions.

German Shepherd Pona became a mother. She seems to be very interested in her new puppies. She looks at them proudly as only mothers can. She collects her precious puppies in herds, making sure they are safe and close to her chest.

What a lovely and caring mother!