German Shepherd Helps Tinny Kitten to Carry Upstairs

It is amazing to see that dogs always take care of their relatives, they are not only protectors of their human family members but also of their pet sisters.
When a woman adopted a small kitten and brought it home, she was surprised to find that her faithful German Shepherd Tenyson had become a big brother to the kitten. The big dog volunteered to teach his little sister to do some different things from the beginning he taught her to climb stairs.

In the video we will see that Tenyson is watching intently as the kitten is trying to climb the stairs. Mom wants the kitten to develop her strength to climb on her own, so she asks Tennyson not to help her.
But Tenyson thinks the little kitten can’t climb the stairs. He clearly sees that his sister’s small limbs are failing and the kitten turns to his brother to see him for help and Tenyson does not hesitate he grabs him gently in his mouth and holds the kitten up and then gently places him on the floor.

At that moment, the little kitten seemed relieved and began trying to kiss Tennyson.
Tenyson seems quite pleased with himself as he rescues his little sister.
Undoubtedly this is a sweet start for a new and eternal friendship for both.
Click on the video below to see Tenyson’s gesture to help his little sister

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