German Shepherd Hears Owner Singing In The Bathroom and Starts Sings with His Owner

Many dogs like to bark and scream. Some even like to sing, trying to keep a mindset while listening to their favorite song. Take for example Maximus, whenever he hears his father start singing, he can’t help but shout in his own special way. Fortunately for us, his father was able to capture everything on camera.

Next, Maximus focuses all his attention on the movements and beats of the song. He observes the shifts in the difficult melody, before finally deciding to join in and compete with Dad!

Before we know it, Maximus is “singing” along with the 1976 Russian song with full passion. He screams harmoniously for each beat and turns his head to bring out his best chords through the moons and sighs. He even occasionally watches his father as he waits for his “parts” in the song. What a duet!

Does Maximus sow so much in singing? Who knows? But like many dogs, he certainly does such an instinctive thing. Theories are that dogs like to sing with certain sounds that keep a step similar to the other dog’s howl. So, if your voice has the right pitch when you sing, then maybe your dog associates it with the dog’s noise from his ancient past.


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