Generous Dog Offers His House To Pregnant Stray Cat To Give Birth

Pit Bulls get a bad rap, but Hades is out to prove they are as sweet and loving as they can be!

When Hades began to act strangely, its owner, Juan Jose P Flores, asked why. Hades was making a lot of noise as if trying to get Flores’ attention, and it worked.

Flores followed Hades outside and was shocked at what he saw. A stray cat, whom they call Nicol, was lying inside of Hades’ doghouse. It turns out that she was pregnant and going into labor.

Instead of Hades getting mad at Nicol for being in his doghouse, Hades grabbed a blanket and sat by the doghouse, protecting the soon-to-be mama cat. Hades proudly stood guard as Nicol began giving birth to her babies.

Since Hades got along so well with Nicol, Flores decided to adopt her and her two newborn kittens. Hades has taken on a father role, and all four are like a little sweet family!

This will simply show that Pit Bulls are not aggressive dogs that people make them be, if they are something like Hades, then they are gentle giants!

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