Friesian Horses Performing Under The Dark Lights

Whenever we come across the word “Friesian” or when it appears in a conversation, we always think of these beautiful creatures from fairy tales. Anyone who owns a Friesian wants to brag and these horses are so great that I can’t blame them.

When you see them sprinting in manes and stories, you can’t stop thanking God for creating such beautiful and amazing creatures. I remember a lot of shows that the Frisians performed and did quite a few shows, but what I’m about to see is unique. You might think this is part of a fairy tale, but it’s actually very real. This Frisia light show takes you on an imaginative journey, and the first thing that comes to mind is “I wish I could ride this way.”

When posted on Facebook, more than a thousand comments were received, such as “It looks like you’re wearing flashy trousers.” “I’m surprised they aren’t afraid of each other.” “These are the most beautiful, elegant and stately horses of all time!” See beautiful pictures for more information.