Friendly Golden Retriever Stops And Hugs Everyone She Sees On Footpath

Adorable and loyal dogs are not man’s best friends in vain, and every dog ​​owner will prove this. While most dogs show their affection for humans by waving their tails and licking a lot, the Louboutina (or Loubie) is an adorable golden retriever who shows love with a pleasant hug. When Loubie goes for a walk with his owner Cesar Fernandez Chavez, it’s no ordinary walk.

The incredibly friendly dog ​​stopped to meet a stranger within minutes of setting foot on the sidewalk. According to Fernandez Chavez, Loubie learned this behavior himself. She likes to hug people, including completely strangers. Because of this, Loubie’s daily walk around New York is a sight to behold.

Fernandez Chavez told The Dodo: “It is no ordinary walk. It is a walk with hugs. So we won’t go too far.”

Loubie wanted to hold hands before hugging people. This special tradition of holding hands dates back to Valentine’s Day 2014, shortly after Fernandez Chavez ended his long relationship.

In an interview with Dodo, Fernandez Chavez explained: I remember joking around with my friends. “At least on Valentine’s Day, I have someone to hold my hand.”

It soon became Loubie’s favorite pastime, and she began working on it, attracting her attention whenever she went out on the streets of New York.

Since then, Loubie has always wanted to hold her hand whenever she walked. She seemed to be her comforting answer, but her passersby couldn’t help but stop to comment.

And years later, Loubie began to show her affection in a different way through her hugs. Instead of insisting on holding hands, she sat very close to Chavez, right at his feet.

Then she put her legs on his knees. At first Chavez thought it was odd, but allowed her to go on. From then on, her habit of hugging continued. In fact, it got stronger.

“Grip is very good depending on where I stand. You have to be careful to keep your balance,” said Fernandez Chavez. Loubie quickly started hugging others. She obviously enjoyed making her friends and widening love, so dogs are the best.

“We would meet neighbors that she knew, and instead of just relying on them, she would start hugging them, then random people would come see us.”

Loubie quickly became a social media star – people just can’t get enough of Loubie and her hugs. Although Loubie will generously hug others, she will not kiss anyone. She can be very picky at times and the precious pet dog will only kiss those with whom she has a bond.

Sometimes people run to ask for a hug, but Chavez explains that she has to approach them first.  But when she sits next to someone, then it’s much more likely that something will happen. Loubie seems to like to hug people. And the people she hugs definitely enjoy it.