French Bulldog Puppy Has Unique Reaction Over Being Complimented

All puppies are great, but the French Bulldog is especially adorable. They have attractive large bat ears and a short ,wrinkled snout. As a result, it’s no surprise that the American Kennel Club ranks this lively puppy as the fourth most popular puppy.

Despite its small size, the French Bulldog has a great personality. The French are are also called little chunks of joy. They are known for wildly entertaining people from the moment they become little puppies. Take the adorable white French Bulldog puppy as an example.

Social media fitness guru Shawn Sarantos owns this little nugget named Link. This little chunk already has over 150,000 Instagram followers. Shy and reluctant to accept compliments. “How about bandana?” Sean asks. “Link can’t think of anything but the cutest bit of Sean’s neck.” Link is a fantastic character with much more interesting answers. As Sean praises him for being stylish and attractive in a bright red bandana, he starts barking and makes a pleasingly quiet sound.


Link even dips his head in the water and barks and sniffs at his father. After a few bites, it becomes clear that this dog doesn’t know how to give high praise for his attractiveness. Link wins internet after little five because it’s so cute.

If you want to know more about his charm, see him on Instagram. Share this fun Frenchie with your family and friends.