For The First Time In History Animal Shelters Are Empty After All Dogs Have Been Adopted

Unaware of the moment when all their kennels were not filled with abandoned and abandoned dogs, the shelter shared the good news by posting a delightful video on Facebook of staff applauding. The Florida Animal Shelter celebrated an unusual event for the first time in its history when one of three nurseries was found to be completely empty.

Friends of the Palm Beach County community animal workers and volunteers celebrated this remarkable achievement this week by thanking everyone. His hard work, dedication and support made this possible. The shelter, never knowing a moment when all its kennels weren’t full of abandoned dogs, celebrated the good news by posting a delightful video to Facebook of applause from its staff.

A fantastic and delightful thing happened today… we completely emptied one of our three kennels for the first time at the Palm Beach County Animal Shelter! This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the participation and support of the entire community! Thank you to the shelter staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to look after pets, find homes for pets, and protect pets that come through our doors.

Thank you to the amazing foster parents who open hearts and homes to thousands of pets each year. Thank you to everyone who decided to adopt a pet from the shelter. Here or some other amazing organization. All of this would have been impossible thanks to all our partner hosting organizations. Thanks to our worldwide partner organization, the
Spotlight kennel has 48 dog runs with 2 dog runs each. “Obviously it was a community effort.”

The animals were moved to foster homes, foster parents and partner rescue groups, according to Elisabeth Harfmann, community outreach manager at the shelter. “We also saw a decrease in the number of arriving animals. It really helped.” 4,444 locks give people more time to spend with their new pets, increasing adoption applications in shelters across the country. In addition to helping animal shelters, cheering or adopting pets during quarantine can benefit the mental health of those in quarantine.

Washington State University and other studies have shown that cuddling and petting a cat or dog for a few minutes can relieve stress. “If you don’t have a pet and are considering adoption, now is the time to try it on at the local shelter.” Julie Castle, CEO of the Animal Best Friends Society, said, “We need people to temporarily house pets in shelters and adoption centers across America.


“Keeping pets at home is not only safe, but also beneficial because it can provide comfort in a crisis situation.” “When external news triggers anxiety, it has been shown that socializing with pets relieves stress and anxiety and helps people feel calmer and more comfortable,” Castle told PEOPLE. Experts warn that more people will abandon their pets as the epidemic leaves many people unemployed, ill and unable to care for their dogs. “Everyone involved in animal welfare is awake,” said Anna Lai, director of marketing for
New York-based group Muddy Paws. Except for emergencies, the owner’s meeting of the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Care Friends has been postponed for the time being, and animals can still be adopted. The shelter currently has 79 animals, including 32 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses and 1 rooster.

“We’re still excited to see so many pets being adopted and raised not only in Palm Beach County, but across the United States!” – I wrote shelter on Facebook. “If you are interested in owning or adopting a dog or cat (and will help us achieve our goal of vacating another kennel), please visit our website and submit one of our online applications: www.pbcgov. com/snap.”