A Foal Born With A Horse-Shaped Mark

Some people are usually born with birthmark with unusual shapes on their backs, arms, and legs. Horses just like humans, are born with birthmark, but these cub is also born with very interesting birthmark!

It is not uncommon for horses to be born with birthmarks, but this foal’s birthmark is very different from others. The white spot on its body, which look like a horse on its neck,are so so rare.

This is because the white markings perfectly match the foal’s chestnut fur, which contrasts strongly with the markings. The bizarre shape makes the birthmark look even more magnificent and exciting! A foal named Da Vinci has white marks that resemble him. He was born at Fayling Hall Riding School in England.

The happy pony white birthmark went viral on social media when people found it funny that birthmark looks just like horse. Take a look at the photos of Da Vinci and his distinctive horse-shaped spots.