Firefighter Goes Down Rocky Cliff To Save Dog’s Life

Walking is always fun. Especially walking the dog. But sometimes nature can be really dangerous, and owners should always be on the lookout for when something bad happens to their friends. Don’t let the fun take over you.

The incident occurred just few days ago in San Francisco when a man decided to walk his labrador dog in Fort Funston. And literally a minute later, when the man was a little distracted, the poor dog suddenly fell off a steep cliff.

The owner immediately called 911 and, fortunately, firefighters from the San Francisco Fire Department were there to fix the problem. They immediately appeared with all the necessary tools and quickly descended the cliff to rescue the hapless dog.

The sportive dog came back to the top without any problems and was handed over to the owner. A slight psychological shock was inevitable, but fortunately the dog was not seriously injured. Of course, our hero firefighter was also safe.

The San Francisco Fire Department later tweeted a video of the brave firefighter rescuing the hapless dog, and the post emphasized that owners should be more careful when walking the dog, especially in hazardous areas.

They tweeted: “I’m glad everything went well with no injuries. We understand the excitement of being outdoors and the nature of our extended four-legged family. Remember, stay on the trails, think about your leash”

The department also reminds everyone that in the event something unexpected happens, they will always be ready to deal with any problems: “If necessary, and if your partners fall off a cliff, don’t try save yourself, call 911. We can’t you all to have a pawfect time and make positive memories woof sharing.”

Once again, thank you, our heroes!