Firefighter Get Into Frozen River To Rescue Trapped Dog

Firefighter swim across a frozen river to rescue a trapped dog , the video below shows an unfortunate puppy drowning in frozen water. The ice broke when the firefighters arrived!

In fact, I am so grateful not to live in a climate where the water freezes every year. For more than an hour, the dog was trapped in an icy river. When rescue teams reached the Cheyenne River in Fargo, North Dakota, Lola, a 9-year-old black Labrador retriever, was trapped in frozen water. After Laura learned that she could not escape, a local boat club on the riverbank alerted authorities.

An investigator named Miller was able to be tied up and dragged back into the frozen river by the West Fargo local fire department. He glided down the frozen river and headed towards Lola, wanting to get closer to the cute and scary puppy.

Inspector explained, “I drove slowly and carefully, not knowing that the water had recently frozen at minus 6 degrees Celsius.” He is used to swimming in rivers and seas, so his trainer told us he left the dog for a little swim. Before I started moving on the ice, I made sure I was strapped to the ropes. As I approached I heard Lola cry and urged her to calm her terrified dog. I could grab his neck and help Lola get out of the ice. He didn’t move. That means he’s frozen. The firefighters could then grab the rope and drag it back to shore to investigate Lola. He was a little cold and had a small cut on his leg, but other than that he was fine.

Without this help, the owner would not have been able to save Lola. They had a great emergency rescue plan, and when they rescued Lola, it paid off! Check out the video to see how nervous the inspector was when the ice broke! In the aftermath of the incident, firefighters advised dog owners to keep their pets away from potentially dangerous frozen water, lakes and rivers and to keep their paws out of snow. Never chase a dog running on ice. Instead, get help from the rescue team.