Family Rescues Calf After a Hurricane and Now Calf Lives with the Dogs, She Thinks She’s One Of Them

She may not look or bark like a dog, but the calf rescued from the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey is clearly part of the family.

Obviously, you invite her inside the house for a bit so she can do some counter surfing and convene with her dog best friends.

They not only took the calf, but allowed it to stay and bond with their dogs.

“All of our dogs love Harveigh and really enjoy spending time with her. I don’t think they realize she’s a cow and not just a really big dog,” Tammy told Canton TODAY. “Really, I don’t think Harveigh sees itself as different from dogs. Being around each other is completely normal for all of our animals.

Whether Harveigh adapts quickly or slowly to her fellow bovines, or never at all, she “will always be a part of our family,” Canton said.

“It fills my heart with joy being able to spend so much sweet time with her. She will literally lay her head on my lap and be at peace,” said Canton. “If you can look into an animal’s eyes and see the love they have and the emotions that many don’t give them credit for having, you would fight for their life too.”


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