Every day, this dog walks kilometers just to visit his best friend

Tommy’s family was eager to adopt a new dog. However, they were looking for a female. As they waited for the dogs to be brought in to meet them, a shelter worker asked if they wanted to say “hi” to Tommy, a shelter favorite (and a male!). The family agreed. They didn’t expect what happened next!

Tommy and his family lived in Illinois until they planned a big move to Upstate New York. Tommy would have to leave all his doggy friends behind that he had made in their neighborhood and he was pretty sad about it.

One day, once they were settled into their new home in New York, Termolen got a call from her son while she was out running errands. Her son said there was a large, shaggy dog that appeared in their house. Of course, Termolen was alarmed. She came home to see Tommy taking the strange dog on a tour around the house. Termolen located the dog’s collar and found that the dog’s name was Jackson and he lived right down the road.

They brought Jackson back to his house, and while his family was a bit embarrassed that he had escaped and wandered into someone else’s home, they weren’t that surprised. It had been obvious that their dog was longing for a new friend.

Jackson wasn’t giving up on hanging with his new playmate. The visits continued and the Termolen family couldn’t refuse their friendship any longer.

“Usually when he comes for a visit, he stops by the front door first and gives one or two polite barks,” Termolen said. “If no one answers the front door, he will either try to go through the garage if it is open or go around through the backyard to the back deck, and will give barks at each door. I usually just let him in the house or let Tommy out.”

Their friendship has continued for the last few years.

Tommy’s health is declining. In fact, his vet is shocked he’s still here. Maybe his resilience has to do with his incredible friendship with Jackson… Seeing his best buddy really adds some pep to his step.

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