Drone Captures Unique Moment Of 3 Bobcats Cooling Off On Frozen River

Taking great wildlife photos certainly takes some skill, but on the other hand, it also has a lot to do with timing. To capture this scene once-in-a-lifetime, you need to be in the right place at the right time. That’s what the Duluth-based photographer did while flying a drone along the frozen St. Louis River.

On December 16th, Mike Mayou took his drone and camera with him to take impressive photos on a cold, frosty day, so he thought the St. Louis River was the perfect place. Amazingly, he has capture one-in-a-million video footage!

Bobcat is a solitary animal and it is sheer luck to stumble upon one of these hard-to-find cats, let alone anything else. However, Mike was lucky to find not one bobcat, but three bobcats in a very rare sight. Adorable cats resting on a log in one of the most breathtaking sights that wildlife has to offer.

“I saw something cross the ice,” said photographer to Bored Panda. “After flying the drone for investigation, I found three bobcats dare to adventure together!”

Most wildlife is very uncomfortable around people, but the three cats in front of the camera were more than relaxed. In fact, Mike was much more nervous than the majestic cat he found.

“They were very comfortable facing the camera up close and face-to-face,” Mike said. ” People rarely see bobcats¬†in the wild, but drones have allowed them to interact with these animals in unique ways. I stumbled upon this magical experience and was nervous about not being able to capture the moment I saw through the eyes of a drone.”
Shortly after he uploaded the rare video to the Internet, it went viral and everyone was impressed by the very rare sight. However, Mike said he would not reveal the exact location where the bobcats were found to protect them.