Drama Pit Bull Faints In Slow Motion Try to Get Out of Clipping His Nails

Some beings do everything they can to avoid such things, including hiding in a corner or pretending to be crying, but nothing beats what this drama queen Pit Bull does.

Pit Bull in this video has a very pronounced liking for nail polish. Poor Pit Bull here sees it only as a deadly car and wants to avoid it at all costs.

When her mom says it’s nail-biting time, she tries to ignore the fact that she has ever heard the words nail and cut in the same sentence, but her mother takes the kiss and the dog knows there’s no way out. However, she still has a trick left in her sleeve and is not afraid to use it.

At one moment, she tries leaning back in slow motion until she falls on the floor with her legs in the air.

But unfortunately, that didn’t work either when the mother continued to grab her nails. Well, she just has to admit that grabbing her nails is a must.

Watch his full Oscar-worthy performance in the video above.

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