Draft Horse Confidently Throw Rider From The Saddle

Horses are known as the most gentle and serene horses in the world, and we were surprised to see this unusual draft being thrown from the saddle. The jockey for this video, Mark, is a great jockey and he just got a nice new draft while filming the video.

As you can see, he saddles his new horse and tries to show him all his love, but the creepy horse doesn’t feel it. His horse flinched, and without hesitation threw Mark off the saddle. As he said, he thought something was wrong, and there was a reason for the reaction of the horses.

If you look closely with a nervous expression, you can see that the horse’s lips are drooping. Mark leads the horse with his mouth and the reins are in a straight line, applying constant pressure to the horse’s mouth. Maybe the entire saddle position didn’t suit him, which made his horse behave that way.

The poor horse could not bear the pain any longer, and this is his instinctive reaction. He was actually giving this rider a signal that he felt threatened or afraid because his ears were stuck and his tail was really active. When a horse kicks, it will most likely signal some kind of advance. Riders need to identify these signals to avoid the bucking. Watch the video below to learn more!