Dogs reactions to Magic tricks

Now you see it, now you don’t is one of the oldest tricks in any magician’s collection. One magician decided to try a sleight-of-hand trick on dogs using treats. What resulted is a hilarious montage of baffled dogs who just don’t seem to understand where the heck the treats went.

Jose Ahonen likes to show the dogs that there is a treat in store for them, but then when the moment comes to feed them the treats, they magically disappear.

The dogs’ reactions are worth their weight in biscuits. All of the dogs have a quizzical face as if to say, “Hey buddy, fork over the goods!”

As the magician laughs aloud, you can’t help but join in the hilarious antics and laugh with him.

Dogs are adorable and magic is a lot of fun. Dogs reacting to a magical disappearing treat trick is a perfect combination for viral success.

You must watch this short, sweet, and amusing montage of dogs in the video below.

We especially love the reaction of the dog at the very end. We hope all these good boys and girls got a much-deserved snack!

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