Dogs Printed On Pizza Boxes Helps Them Being Adopted

In the United States, more than 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters annually because shelters are overcrowded and shelters are insufficient. Moreover, many people choose to buy a pet rather than take it from the shelter. As a result, animal rescue groups are often forced out of the box to help animals in need find permanent shelter. New York-based Niagara SPCA recently partnered with Just Pizza & Wing Co. At Amherst, get public attention and help animals find a home.

SPCA Events Coordinator Kimberly LaRoussa and Just Pizza & Wing owner Mary Alloy set out to find a way to support dogs in need. Together they came up with some great and fantastic ideas. They decided to hang puppy flyers on pizza delivery boxes to find the them a permanent home.

Customers who buy Pizza will receive a very pleasant surprise to whet their appetite and help their neighbours. What’s the best part? Anyone who adopts one of the shelter puppies featured on the Pizza Box flyer will receive a $50 pizzeria gift certificate.

The moving ad quickly went viral and was a huge success. A lot of people in the neighborhood were crazy about the idea and thought it was fantastic. Larry, a 6 month old puppy, found a new home. Many potential owners have also shown interest in other pets. We hope they are as lucky as Larry!

Kimberly said, “As this story went viral on Friday, it received tremendous interest and support from the community.” Many people like to eat pizza to take pictures of rescue dogs. Another pizzeria offered to put a poster on the pizza box. And many congratulate friends and relatives.”

Both the pizzeria and the orphanage were praised for their ingenuity. Mary said the pizzeria will continue to operate “as long as it is necessary” to find home for all the animals in the shelter. Mary’s store will add the acclimated cat to their list of future adoption flyers, Kimberly said.

If you think this is a fantastic idea, let everyone you know!Many shelters and groups are adopting this concept, allowing shelter pets to have their permanent homes. Hope this helps you find.