Dogs Meet Their Latest Kittens Sibling For The First Time And They Are Thrilled

It’s not every day that you see a cat as a dog’s best friend! This cat has the best guardians: three doggie siblings, who adore her. Two Golden Retrievers and a Husky just can’t get enough of their lovely kitten friend.

The cat was pregnant and has just given birth to a lovely kitten. She spent a lot of time with her new baby, caring for her and building bonds.

But now it’s time for a newborn kitten to meet her older siblings. The three dogs sat by the door and looked at the kitten in amazement.

When they finally met her, they sat in a circle around her and just watched her every move. They are extremely gentle with her and it is clear that this kitten is the perfect fit for their fluffy family.

But kitten isn’t the only one comforted by dogs. The mother cat also spent time hugging with her doggie siblings.

Here is the video!