Dog’s Excited Dance For Owner To Pick Her Up From Daycare

Reasons why we love puppies is the pure joy they display even in small moments of happiness. Nutella, a Dogup Puple, is a happy puppy when she realizes that the time of caring for kindergarten is over, and it’s time to get home!

In this beautiful video, we see Nutella stuck together with other day care dogs at the gate, ready to go home. While the other puppies are patiently waiting for their parents, Nutella decides to explode into a little celebration dance of hers!

She gets to her hind legs and squeezes her best dance moves, hoping it will attract mom, and she would race to pick her. She dances adoringly with her paws raised in the air as her buttocks happily follow in harmony!

We are afraid of Nutella’s many charms. She always feels the presence of her mother and feeds every moment with her vibrant energy. Nutella has completely regenerated us, as we dive into the good vibes from her glowing dance!

In the video below you see Nutella’s happy dance at the end of the dog’s daily care!

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