Doggie Bus Picks Up School Puppies And They Have Great Time Together

Whether you’re worried about a job that most people don’t like and struggling for a promotion or anxiously waiting for your next hiatus, Arat Montoya has created a job that doesn’t require a break. Why would he? He dreams of waving his tail and surrounded by a happy tuft of fluff, waiting for his yellow bus to arrive at their house.

In 2016, Montoya opened Doggie School Bus Inc., a dog preschool in West Lyn City, Oregon. In the first two weeks of his business, the Doggie school bus became quite popular in the area and had several customers. “We had 16 customers in two weeks.” Montoya told Oregon Live, recalling the moment.

Demand for his dog preschool grew so high that he had to buy a new car for his dog.

Montoya’s daily routine is to go to the customer’s office every morning and pick up the puppies and dogs on the yellow dog bus. Then he drives Doggos to a five-acre estate he borrowed from a friend. Here the dog spends most of the day playing. At 2:00 pm, he will take them home on a door-to-door. Montoya charges clients $ 30 for daily service.

Montoya currently has over 300 customers and manages various dog groups. He can usually keep an average of 20 dogs a day and can increase to 30 or more when dealing with well-behaved puppies.

The best part, according to Montoya, is that he enjoys socializing with dogs and also playing with other dogs. “I’m the happiest person in the world to do what I do,” he said.

Located in West Linn, Oregon, this dog daycare brings dog play, exercise and socializing.

Arat Montoya has always loved dogs and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He worked at a dog club in Westlin, but unfortunately the dog daycare he worked for was closed.

So he continued to board and sit the dog for some clients. In 2016, Montoya and his wife realized that a baby was about to be born and that a simple dog sitter wasn’t enough to meet the needs of a growing family.

So Montoya is Doggie School Bus Inc, a dog daycare in West Linn, Oregon. Was established. He had a Gold Scion XB and turned it into a dog school bus and started dog daycare.

Montoya costs $ 30 a day to drive to a customer’s house at 7am to pick up a puppy who is excited to go out and play.

He can take them to a five-acre fenced ground where they can play and interact with others. The dogs get excited when they see the school bus. Some don’t even have to be told to go out, they’ll soon run out and get on the bus themselves!

The dogs are running around and playing with other dogs while Montoya is watching. Montoya loves his job and it will be easier for him to get his job done right.

He has an average of 20 dogs a day. Dogs of all sizes and breeds. On busy days, you can go up to 35. He knows all the names of the dogs and can tell them apart by their barking. He built a relationship of trust with them, and they listened to all his instructions.

It takes all day to teach and it repeats over and over, but Montoya is the happiest person in the world. At 14 o’clock, Montoya takes the happy dogs home. The Doggie School Bus has grown and expanded over the past 3 years and now has 300 customers.