Dog With No Eyes Find a Blind Brother and To Go On Adventures

It is said that love is blind. Abi is a small, homeless dog found on the street. A rescue team in Michigan Washington picked him up. a woman wanted to take the little puppy home with her. Abi is a dog that has no eyes.

Brother told her about a blind Labrador Retriever in a shelter.
She text her Brother that is a dog Labrador in Michigan that was blind and he starts texting some pictures and asking if she wanted Duke.

Abi’s Family drive for many days to bring Duke home.
Now she’s not afraid to “ask” for what she wants
She knows when we are at a coffe shop and she will start barking when i pull into a parking lot at the ordering window.

Duke is different blind dog than Abi is.
Abi Love absolutely have her window down, like to smells and sound and Duke more liad back like on car rides and just sleep.

When he went in the water and he went as deep as he could go and the he just starts dunking his head in the water over and over again, he Love the Water.
They are showing everyone that together they can do anything
Blind dog can do anything just as good as a regularly abled dog, just mat take them a little longer to learn.

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