Dog Steals Camera and Plays Game of Tags with Owner

Mom Mikaela Bätz always wanted to make cute mini movies with her darling little dog named Elvis. When she finally bought a GoPro camera, she was more excited than ever to try it out. But she had no idea that Elvis also had his eyes on the camera for quite a while!

So just when Mikaela switched on the GoPro, her smart boy snatched it away from her hands and took off! By the time Mikaela realized what had happened, Elvis was already running wild in her backyard. Mikaela was worried that Elvis would chew off the camera like a toy, so she frantically chased him to retrieve the camera.

In this GoPro footage, we see Elvis’ happy run as Mikaela breathlessly chases after him. Elvis seems so happy at his joyride with the new toy that he barely notices Mikaela crying and begging him to stop. Even when Mikaela catches up to him for a split-second, he bolts off again in the opposite direction!

After a hilarious game of chase, Mikaela finally manages to sneak up on Elvis and grab the GoPro. Later, she was thrilled to find that her mischievous dog had captured the ridiculously funny footage of her running behind him like a “crazy woman”. We hope Mikaela and Elvis make many more precious memories in the coming years, because this one just made our day!

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