Dog ‘Sings’ Michael Jackson Song in Car

Everything gets better when music gets involved. It is the best way to show love, because it invokes emotions so strong, they captivate the soul and provide inspiration for life. And when you see an animal really enjoy music, then you know that this particular song will stand the test of time!

MJ was not only the King of Pop, he was also the King of everyone’s heart, adored by both young and old all across the world and apparently dogs too. Who would have thought?

We are not here to discuss whether Honey is good in singing or not. When you enjoy a song so much and you sing along from the heart, no one can tell you to keep it quiet!

Honey is a rescue dog with a powerful singing voice. One day, she decided that ‘Will You Be There’ by Michael Jackson was her favourite tune, so she began to belt out the notes to the song while her smiling owner was driving. We hope that Honey finds a talent show where her skill can be recognised.

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