Dog Sees Owner After 2 Months He Leaps Into His Arms

When Dad left home for work somewhere far away her bride was so sad she would leave, his dog had no idea why her father was leaving for such a long period of time, and she flawlessly whine all over the day she asked when he would return home.

In the video we will see that Jason returns home after 2 long months. Sara goes with nuts when she sees her favorite man walking inside, and she runs furiously and jumps on his combs.

The poor dog is overflowing with emotion as he tries to hold back the tears.
We see a shift in the corners of her mouth as her eyes sparkle and we can fully say that she is looking smiling!

The dog’s tail does not stop moving and refuses to let go of his father. She rests her head on his shoulders and begs him to keep hugging her. In fact when Jason puts him on the floor to get inside, the dog opposes his gesture and climbs back into his arms. She really missed him a lot.

Dogs are such big softies and they really feel love and pain just like us! This heartwarming reunion has totally brightened up our day!

Click on the vido below and look dog emotions!

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