Dog Says Goodbye to His Dad When He Leaves for Work

For dog Suzy dad is all over the world he is very attached to dad. She never forgets that when her father goes to work she greets him in his own way.
It is this touching video that shows her grateful ritual of her heart.
In the video we will see Suzy waiting at the door knowing that her father will leave for work.

When Dad is ready, he caresses Suz’s neck and tells her he’s leaving for work. Suzy already knows that her father will be back again in a few hours but it is extremely difficult for him to watch her leave.
Suzy with those big, fiery eyes looks at her father as she closes the door and goes down the stairs.

When Dad came downstairs and went out on the street he turned his head up to the window and looked at the lonely Suzy looking close to the window with her soft eyes that looked like she was saying goodbye and I can’t wait to come back.
When Dad returns home in the evening, and she welcomes him with loads of cuddles and kisses!

Click the video below to watch Suzy’s ritual every time Dad leaves for work!

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