Dog Saves Dog his New Friend Who Was Drowning in the Pool

It has always been seen that the dog is man’s best friend, but in this video we will see that dogs are good friends for other dogs as well.
In this case the dog entered with his head falling into the pool. His owners were not there, but Remus was a dog who visited him that day and saw what happened and knew he had to help him.

He fell around the pool looking at her and at one point decided to jump into the pool to save his friend, after he jumped he went down the dog and trying to push him out of the pool.
With all the efforts he made in the end, he succeeded.

Later, when the owners noticed that both dogs were wet, they realized that something had happened. They decided to check the security cameras at home, and when they saw what had happened, they were amazed at Remus’ courage in rescuing his friend.
Owners will always be grateful for Remus, but are also playing it safe now gearing him up with a life jacket when they are outside.

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