Dog Saved Owner’s Life After She Fell Off a Horse, Dog Runs For Miles To Get Help

A horse trainer named Tracy Metkea set out to train a new armchair one morning. She took the stone to a wild trail in Arizona and also left together her Australian Shepherd named Becky Jo tag. However, Colt was surprised in the middle of the workout and started running furiously.

Before Tracy could control the situation, she jumped out of bed. Poor Colt panicked further and continued to drag Tracy for half a mile before stopping. Until then, Tracy was completely unconscious with multiple concussions and fractures. Becky No was horrified when she saw her mother being bleeding all over and immediately got up to get help.

Becky No ran for miles until he reached Tracy’s house. Her husband, Butch, saw the circus Becky Jo and realized something was wrong. She was falling furiously and begging him to follow her. Butch immediately took Becky No to his car and plunged into the deserted path. Luckily, he found Tracy quickly and brought her to the hospital before it was too late!

Doctors later said Tracy would not survive if she was left to bleed for another 10 minutes. She has over 100 stitches and items on her head, and it will take a year to fully recover. She owes her life to Becky No and feels lucky to have such a bold and loyal poem next to her. What a brave hero!


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