Dog Saved From Death Row And Happy Pooch Takes To The Skies For Freedom Flight

The streets of North Carolina are not a place for a dog. Poor Woody, a five-year-old Great Pyrenees, was taken from those frightening paths by local animal control.
He had worms in his heart, fleas, mange and some other medical problems. Since the cost to help him would be high, the shelter put him on the euthanasia list.

Others at LaMancha Animal Rescue learned about Woody, and they came to his rescue. With the homeless shelter in Pennsylvania and the dog in North Carolina, a dilemma arose. Former Army pilot Paul Steklenski voluntarily gave his time to fly the dog from the shelter with high homicide to rescue groups without killing. A polite man transports several dogs to Carolina via his small plane.

Paul would be transporting Woody and four other rescue dogs, so he made room and up, up, and away they went. Woody was so excited to be free and in the air that he maneuvered himself into a comfy spot behind the co-pilot seat. Looking out at the skies and contemplating inner peace, this dog was simply grateful to start anew.

After landing, the rescue team took the place. Woody received proper medical care and his coat grew in and beautiful and shiny. Woody got a happy happy warm and vague ending.
Check out the grateful dog on his flight board for freedom in the video below.


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